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Thomas Little Tiger Trout Spoon

BestTroutLures Description

I really like the Little Tiger.   The main reason is that you can cast this thing a mile.   I like to get into the stream and cast up or down, depending on water speed, as far as I can.   I would say you can cast this thing about 80 feet with 4 lb line.   You can throw it farther than other lures that weigh more.  When its in the water its not heavy with so you can bring it in slowly.  It has a very clean presentation in the water.   Its not difficult to use.   Anyone can throw this thing out there and reel it in.   Its not as fun for me as the large spoons or spinners but if the fish are not biting give the Little Tiger a try.   If there are fish, they will bite.

 Thomas Company Descriptions

The Thomas LITTLE TIGER minnow is a baitfish imitator second to none!  This little wiggler has jewelry quality two-tone coloration combined with an engraved half-scale pattern that creates a highly reflective flash, attracting all types of game fish, especially trout, and entices them to strike.   It is also available in several bright painted finishes.  The Little Tiger is also popular for ice jigging.  Made in the U.S.A