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Thomas EP Spinn

The Thomas EP Spin has a larger single blade.   I always try to figure out what a fish might actually think a lure is.  In this case I feel like the lure would imitate a minnow that is dying that is turning over again and again.

This has become my late summer favorite.   Its late August right now and most of the Trout are gone but the streams are loaded with other fish.  I have been catching tons of Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, Creek Chubs and Pickerel.  

I try to fish shaded deeper areas early in the day.   I cast it as far as I can and bring it back in quickly so it doesn't get caught on the bottom.   This lure is about 3 inches long and I have caught Smallmouth Bass that are the same size as the lure.   

Fishing isn't always about just catching fish.  Its about what you catch them with.  The Thomas EP Spin is fun to catch fish with.   Don't be afraid of how large they are.   They catch fish.