Savage Gear Manic Prey 3.5" Rainbow Trout

Savage Gear

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  • Manic Prey Deep Diver

    Deep Diver with the most enticing manic roll and flash, with a big speed window! Designed for saltwater game fish – but really a very versatile lure that will work on both cold and warm water species! The lure is mounted with 4X Ultra sharp saltwater trebles and is also supplied with wide gape 4X Big eye singles – Great for trolling with drifting weed and grass in the water. Superb Finish and detail great for most predator fish!

    • Tournament Saltwater trebles and Components
    • Big eye singles supplied
    • Huge speed window 1,5 -7 knots
    • Max Diving depth 6m (115), 8-9m(165) – depending on speed and mainline Ø
    • Slow Float
    • 115 Hooks Size #1 4X Saltwater treble, # 6/0 4X single
    • 165 Hooks Size #2/0 4X Saltwater Treble, # 8/0 4X single.