Panther Martin Sonic Streamer

Panther Martin

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SonicStreamer™ Spinners

NEW Panther Martin® SonicStreamer™ Spinners feature a combination of life-like action of the perfect streamer with super flash and sonic pizzazz! Wowie Zowie, these new Panther Martin® Sonic Streamers™ are a dream to fish. Featuring full-length hair and feathers that allow them to flutter on descent and respond like a streamer fly with the added flash and vibration of a spinner blade. These amazing lures respond instantly to the slightest movement of your rod tip during the retrieve. The smoothness and silkiness with which they move through the water, along with their flash and sonic signals, virtually guarantee vicious strikes. Designed so the feather and hair ride atop the bright metal body leaving the treble hook hanging free. Ideal for trout, bass, pike walleye and more. Now available in sizes 6, 9 & 15.