Panther Martin Silver Hammered Blade Scented

Panther Martin

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Hammered Scented

Panther Martin® Scented Lures are an innovative new product. The distinction between Panther Martin® Scented Lures and standard Panther Martin® lures is the addition of a proprietary blend of 100% natural oils applied on the hooks. These oils are applied to each hook as a durable finish, giving the hook a distinct garlic or anise scent. These scents are scientifically blended to help the angler to catch more fish than ever before. The revolutionary scent system disperses natural odors which entice targeted species and then encourages a feeding reaction among them. Depending on fishing situations, Panther Martin® Scented Lures will continue to disperse their scent over the course of an average fishing season. While the scent may appear to wear off to the human nose, fish will still be able to smell the hook even in parts-per-million. Fish will continue to detect odor while we may not. Panther Martin® Scented Lures are designed and engineered to be applicable to a wide array of freshwater fishing.