Low Price Guarantee on Trout Fishing Lures

We guarantee that our fishing lures are priced lower than Bass Pro Shops.   This excludes any closeouts or temporary sales.  

We despise Bass Pro Shops because they have put so many small local Bait and Tackle stores out of business.   Fishing has declined with young people for many reasons, but one reason is not having a local fishing expert that can teach them about fishing and answer questions.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are your lures new and in the package?

A: Yes, unless it specifically says so.  If it doesn't say anything about it being used then its new and in the package. 

Q: How can you sell lures so cheaply?

A: We have many goals for this website that include: donating to local fishing clubs, helping people catch more fish, and educating young fisherman.   Profit isn't really on the list of goals.  We will always sell less than Bass Pro Shops.   Have you seen their stores? You are paying for that.  

Q: Can I email you guys questions about fishing?

A: Yes.   Ask us anything you want.

Q: Where do your videos come from?

A: Our videos are all done by ownership.   Our videos are not fancy.  There is no music or graphics.   They are about information and demonstration.  We want to show you how to catch fish.   If there is a trout in the water, then you can catch it and we can show you how.   

Q: I don't know what to buy can you help?

A: Yes we can.  You can email us and ask us to create a customer package for you.  Minimum of $30.   Give us as much information as possible.   Where you are fishing, what type of water: river, stream, pond, lake, what type of fish, and a photo of the location.   You describe it and we can get you catching fish.