Easiest Ways to Identify Different Trout

How to Identify a Brook Trout

Here is a wonderful example of a nice healthy Brook Trout.   He's been in the water for a while.  There are many ways to identify this as a Brook Trout.

Here is the easiest:  Look at the white stripes on the underside fins.   It looks like someone took a paint brush and swiped his fins with white.   No other trout will have those white markings on the fins.

The blue spots are a good indicator as well.

How to Identify a rainbow Trout

This Rainbow does not have a really big pink stripe down the side so it could be difficult for some people to identify.   He does have a pinkish glow.  It has no white fins so it can't be a Brook Trout.   Now look at the spots, they are all black, small and very similar in size and shape.  

How to Identify a Brown Trout

This Brown could never really be confused with any other trout.  He looks like a cheetah.   His spots vary in size and shape.  He has a very distinct brownish/yellow color.   No white on the fins.