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  • This site only sells and promotes artificial lures and artificial softbaits
  • This site encourages barbless fishing (pinch your barbs and save a fish)
  • This site sells new, new/old, used, vintage, overstock products
  • This site is dedicated to the promotion of fishing as a recreational hobby.

I designed this site as a fisherman first and a businessman second.   This website only offers items that I use myself.   You won't see any junk lures from China on our site.   This means the replicas of the popular lures made in the USA.   We have tested these lures and they are junk.  They don't work.

I have been fishing the streams of Pennsylvania since 1976.  I was born, raised and currently reside in Chester County Pennsylvania.   Local streams I fish include the Brandywine River, Valley Creek, West Clay and Pocopson Creek.  Other favorites include the streams of the Pocono Mountains like the Bushkill and Lehigh Rivers.

The internet has completely changed the way people fish.   Growing up you really didn't know where the streams were in relation to the roadways.   You had to scout our areas in the winter when the streams were visible through the trees.  Even then you didn't know if these areas were stocked.   It was a lot of trial and error.  There was no Youtube to show you how to do everything and anything.   Many times I would see an attractive lure at the fishing store and had no idea how to fish it.   Companies were never good at providing instructions on how to use their lures.   The goal of this site is to help you select lures for the area you are fishing and show you the proper technique to use them.  The ultimate goal is to get people to stop using live bait.

We are not like the fishing tackle isle of Walmart that offers a huge selection of lures.   We are more like that Bait and Tackle shop from the 1970s.   Most of those stores are long gone.  These stores were owned by guys that loved fishing.   They loved teaching people how to fish and help them buy the right gear.   

Fishing during the 80s was extremely popular.   Since the internet and video games fishing has seen a sharp decline.   Streams were crowded in the 80s, finding a place to fish was difficult, it required getting up at first light.   I wish the same section of a PA stocked stream every opening day and I don't see a single person.   Opening day I average 25 fish and that is only because I make it difficult.   I try new lures and techniques.   If I used live worms I am sure I could catch 75.  Its not whether you win or lose its how you play the game.  Live bait isn't playing the game the right way.  Tricking a trout into eating a live worm isn't sport.  That is what they eat.  Its like tricking me into eating a cheeseburger.  It requires no skill.  

On this site you will find all my tips and techniques that I have developed over the years and those I have learned from other great fisherman.   The greatest of all was Chip Gibson owner of Chip's Bait and Tackle in West Chester PA.   Chip knew more about fishing than Picaso knew about paint.   

The most important suggestions I can make for fishing are:

Be prepared:   Don't get to the stream and realize you don't have any hooks.   Make a checklist and check it twice.  Also back up everything.   Have two identical fishing boxes.   One in the front of your vest and one in your back compartment encase you lose the one in the front.

Dress for Fishing:  You think that guy on the stream wearing a vest and waders looks like a dork?   I have news for you.  The guy in jeans and sneakers carrying a plastic kmart tackle box looks like the dork.   I know a guy that says he always gets bothered by land owners for fishing.  He's a nice professional guy and I could never understand why he gets bothered, since I have never had any land owner treat me that way.   We went fishing and he dressed like a hoodlum.   You dress like a fisherman and people will treat you like a fisherman.  You wear a fishing vest.  There are no exceptions.   You wear fishing boots with the appropriate soles (felt or rubber.)   You wear some type of waders unless you know there is a path to the water and its August.   We have a plant called stinging nettle in PA and if you walk through it your day of fishing is over.  Intense pain that can last for a day.   You never walk through plants without pants!!!!!

Research First:  Don't know where to fish?  Go to your state's fishing website.  Just google "Maryland Fishing" for example and it should be the first thing that comes up.  There you can find the maps to every stream and river that is stocked and exactly where.   You can use your phone to click on the links and use your GPS to take you exactly to that spot.   I can go to any stocked stream listed on any states website today and catch fish and its July 27th.  If I can do it so can you.   There is never an excuse for not knowing where to fish.  Don't forget to check and see if the stream has any special restrictions like "delayed harvest" or "artificials only."   Also places like Maryland do not allow felt bottoms for waders.   Make sure a stream doesn't take you into another State.  You must have a license for the state you are fishing.  There are no excuses.  Not knowing is not an excuse.

Respect other People:   When you see other people fishing let them know, that you know, they are there.  A small wave is best.   If you are close or cross paths smile and be polite.  Ask them how they are doing?   Some people are funny and protective about their fishing spots.   Don't get too pushy.   Sometimes people will say HI and move on and some people want to help you catch fish.   Feel the situation out.   Let the other person dictate the pace and follow their lead.  Don't forget you are both in the woods on a stream.  You don't want any kind of altercation.   Never fish in the same area as another person.  That means NEVER.   If someone is coming down stream and you are going up, its ok to fish where they have fished.  If you aren't sure ask.  "you done here?" is the polite thing to do.   Never leave your trash.  That means nothing.   If you see something that you can take, like an "Eagle Claw" hook pouch (i always see those), then pick it up.   Always respect land owners and their property.   If you have to walk an extra 200 yards to walk around someones yard then do it.  Never cut through someone's back yard.  How would you feel if you were having coffee and two guys walked through your backyard?   If you see a landowner compliment their property and thank them for access.   If they tell you they would prefer you don't access the water there, then apologize and respect it.  Use your map to find a better place.