Fenwick Eagle Spinning Rod 5.5 Feet. Ultra-Light Moderate 2 pc (ea56UL-ms-2)


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I haven't used anything but Fenwick for the last 30 years.   They last forever.  As long as you don't close the tip in the trunk you won't ever need to buy another rod.  They are very light but strong and if you are someone that throws spinners all day fatigue can be a major factor.  If you are serious about fishing Fenwick is really the only fishing rod you need.
Size: 5.5 Feet
Pieces: 2
Maximum Lure Size for this Rod: 1/4oz
This rod is for small streams that are only a few feet deep that usually have a lot of overhanging trees.   Its short at 5.5 so you can make casts under over hanging trees with more accuracy in tight spots.   Don't use more than 1/4 oz with this rod in slow moving water.
This is a good ultra light rod. 
  • B2 burled cork designs provides the feel of traditional cork, but is more chip resistant and durable
  • Stainless steel guides with stainless steel inserts are lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant
  • Classic Fenwick Actions- Time tested and proven from the original graphite rod company

The Fenwick Eagle series represents our rich heritage as a premiere rod builder featuring our most classic, time tested and proven actions for all species. Every model is built from over 60 years of tinkering, testing, and knowledge gained from our extensive field test teams. The Fenwick Eagle series continues to improve connecting tradition with modern components and lightweight comfortable designs. FEEL THE ACTION™ and fish the legendary Eagle.