Fishing Rods

Have you ever walked into Dicks and looked at all the rods and wondered "How do I choose a fishing rod?"    So have we.

The first factor when choosing a rod is price.  We all know what we want to spend.   The first thing people look at with a rod is the price.   We have chosen 6 rods that are right in the most popular price for fishing rods.   If you are in the market for a $200 fishing rod, then you don't need us to tell you anything.    

Here is how to choose a rod:

Height:   If there is a lot of cover (trees, bushes etc) where you fish then choose the smallest rod you can.   You can be more accurate with a smaller rod and its easier to manage when you are ducking through the woods.

Lure Weight:   Rods are all rated for the weight of lures to use.  Check out each rod and see what lure weights are recommended.   

We offer the Solara and the Sojourn from Shimano.   The main difference is the material.   The Solara is made of Aeroglass and the Sojourn is made of Graphite.   The graphite is stronger.   That is the difference.

All our rods are 2 piece rods.  That makes for safe shipping and easier transport and storage for you.

Smaller streams = Lighter Rod

Rivers, Fast Streams = Heavier Rod