We offer 5 reels for sale.  


We offer a beginner reel for a beginner fisherman or for someone that might only be going fishing once a year.   That reel is $14.99.   Its a great quality reel for the price and its more than adequate for the occasional fisherman.  I have had one of those for 20 years and it still works fine.   


This is a step up from the base $14.99 model.   Its better quality and will stand up to more use.   There are 3 styles.  Choose the one that fits the type of fishing you will do.

Choose the 1000 if you only fish small streams with 4 lb line.   Choose the 2500 if you find that you fish a variety of water and you want to use 6 lb line.

If you are fishing a fast river then you want the 4000 to use 8lb line.


If you wish often on small streams this is a great light tackle reel.   You will feel the quality.   When you fish all day the weight of the reel matters.   When you wish for trout you may cast 1000s of times.   Having a sore back on your casting side is not unusual.   This lightweight reel is what we use here at BestTroutLures.    We love this reel for the price.

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