Panther Martin Demonstration Video

This video shows how successful Panther Martin lures are for even late season Trout.   

This video was made about 2 miles up stream from any stocking locations.   It was in July long after streams had been stocked and weeks since any fisherman had been fishing its most convenient locations.

What I really enjoyed about this particular catch is where this fish was caught.   I have fished this spot before with no success.  I have always given it a few casts and moved on.  On this trip I decided to work places that I would normally ignore.   

I felt that the area where he was located was too close to shore and available to predators.   I was wrong.  This trout loved that little spot a few feet downstream from a channel created by a large rock.   That side of the stream is protected by a steep mountain side so you won't find any people over there.  He probably waits for insects and small frogs to hop in the water and he pounces.

As you watch this video take note of the casting locations.  These drops are not accidental.  They are precise to within inches of the exact spot that I want.   When I target a place like this I calculate where I think the trout is and I want my lure in front of him.  I work in front of him and move back towards him.  Its the exact opposite of the way I would work a large pool.   A spot like this is so tight that I don't want to hit him and scare him off.   I want to put the lure in the exact place he expects food to land.   

My guess is the first cast got his attention and he was ready for the second offering.  

Hope you enjoy the video and contact us with any questions about how to use Panther Martin Lures and how to find fish.


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