How to Locate Trout in a Small Stream - by Doug Steimel

Author Doug Steimel

Locating trout in a small stream can be a difficult process.  Its not as simple as fishing in a lake or a pond.  The trout are only located in certain places on the stream.  The only way to find fish is to do a lot of walking.

Usually the places closest to the access to the stream are fished out.  You need to walk to find the fish.

Look for areas of fast water followed by slower deeper water, the area that connects the two are where you should find fish.   

The smaller the stream the fewer areas like this will be found.   

When you locate one of these spots approach it from downstream.    Trout face upstream (always) and you will approaching them from behind.   Fish the back of the pool first.

The idea is that you can catch the fish from the back first without disturbing the ones in front of them.   

If you start at the front of the pool the fish behind them will see the disturbance of a fish being caught and may get spooked.

If you catch fish at the back of the pool its a very good chance that the pool is loaded.  The smaller fish will be at the back of the food line.   The biggest fish takes the best spot in the front.   He will chase smaller fish away.

Keep moving forward until you have reached the area where the water is the fastest.  The is the prime spot and should be fished carefully.  This is your best chance to catch fish.   

Walk the stream and fish each area like this for best result.

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Doug Steimel


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