When to Use and Choose a Spinner - By Doug Steimel

A spinning bait can be on the most fun and exciting ways to fish for trout.

Some favorites are Panther Martin, Thomas Spinners and Rooster Tails.

A spinner imitates a bait fish and triggers trout to strike.

A spinner is only a good choice when the area you want to fish is at least 10 feet from where you can cast. This means if there is an area against a cliff face or sunken log on the other side of the stream you really can't use a spinner bait.

You want to use a spinner bait when you can cast to an area that does not hold fish and you can bring it towards the area that should hold fish.

If you are trying to fish an area on the far side of the stream then by the time you start to reel in the spinner its already away from the fish.

To attack these types of areas you want a soft bait that you can cast upstream and let it drift towards the fish.

Be sure to experiment with different weighted spinners, the faster the current the heavier you want the spinner.

An experienced angler can look at the water and choose the right size.

After some experimentation so will you.

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