Choosing the Right Lure for a small stream - by Doug Steimel

By Doug Steimel

A very small stream can be a very tough place to choose the right lure.

When the area that may hold fish is very small, its not really possible to use a spinner or crank bait.   Nothing you have to reel towards you.  The problem is that there just isn't enough space to cast the lure and to start creating action before its past the fish.

What you need is a soft bait that you can cast upstream from the fish and have it come towards the fish.   Trout always face upstream so you cast up ahead of where you think the fish are and let the bait come to them.

The main diet of trout is fish.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.   Small fish pack the most calories for the effort and a trout is programmed to know this.

Soft minnows on a light jighead (1/32) is best.

Cast the bait upstream but do not let it hit the bottom.   

Give it light pulls giving it some action as it goes with the current.   

After about 10 feet repeat.  

Doug Steimel

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